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29th September 2016 – World Heart Day

Apollo Bramwell Hospital, in collaboration with TOTAL (Mauritius) CSR Fund and Ducray Lenoir Ltd, is launching a Chest pain video to mark the World Heart Day held on the 29th September 2016.

This video is produced for public awareness and can be also viewed on Apollo Bramwell Facebook page,, Apollo Bramwell YouTube channel, and on the website of Total Mauritius Limited, The video was launched in the presence of Dr Mahesh Krishna Kumar, Senior Cardiologist of Apollo Bramwell Hospital, Mr Peyami Oven, Managing Director of Total Mauritius Limited and Mrs Patricia Cheung, Group Managing Director of Ducray Lenoir Ltd.

This video is produced to deliver an important message on World Heart Day this year. In this video, Senior Cardiologist Dr Mahesh Krishna Kumar explains that Chest pain is a medical emergency; time is of absolute essence here. So the public is advised not to ignore such symptoms of Chest Pain. The faster you act the better! He further explains that ‘TIME IS MUSCLE’. The longer there is a delay in the treatment of a heart attack, the more amount of muscles of the heart are lost. And when the muscles of the heart are lost, the heart is going to get damaged.

The video shows typical chest pain coming from the heart, which is a pressure like sensation starting at the middle of the chest which goes to the neck and the arms sometimes to the back and associated with sweat. It may not be necessarily the same in all patients. Some patients may have an ache like sensation; some may have an abnormal sensation in the arm or the shoulder or in the jaw. Generally the pain lasts for 5- 10 minutes. It is a pain that really makes you feel like you want to do something about it says Dr Mahesh Krishna Kumar. It is not a pain that somebody can ignore!  The video shows that these symptoms should be taken very seriously and one should get a medical opinion as soon as possible especially those people who have the underlying factors for heart problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking or cholesterol.

Bear in mind that a Heart attack happens because of blockage of artery or a blood vessel which supplies blood to the heart muscle.  So the most important treatment is to unblock that blood vessel so that the blood supply is restored as quickly as possible. Therefore it is very important that patients go to a medical centre which has got the ability and facility to do this on a 24/7 basis as quickly as possible. If not, time is lost and in that process the patient is going to be losing precious heart muscles.  The longer the delay to ensure optimal blood supply, the more the damage to the heart is likely to happen explains Dr Mahesh Krishna Kumar, Senior Cardiologist Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

Peyami Oven, Managing Director of Total Mauritius Limited talked about the different initiatives led by the CSR committee of Total Mauritius to increase awareness of the public on healthcare matters.  He also announced that sensitization programmes on Chest Pain will be held on Total service-stations as from month of October, in collaboration with Apollo Bramwell team to further strengthen the awareness on heart diseases. 

The Chest Pain Clinic is located at the emergency department of the Apollo Bramwell Hospital. Here, further tests are performed to evaluate patients with chest pain and to check whether they are heart related or not. The centre has formalised processes and protocols in place to evaluate patients quickly and a Senior Cardiologist is 24/7 on standby to treat patients more effectively for a better outcome. Emergency heart attacks require an angiography followed by balloon angioplasty or stenting in a catherisation lab. Sometimes the patient’s heart disease is so severe, they require a bypass surgery.

Apollo Bramwell Hospital offers a whole gamut of cardiac services. Our cardiac surgery prices are very competitive and packages for angiography, angioplasty and cardiac surgery are offered to patients

Our catherisation lab is operational 24/7 to cater to any cardiac emergency. Patients can have access to our advanced cardiac life support ambulances by simply dialling the ambulance hotline number: ‘132’ .

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Jane and I wanted to thank you so much for the care you and your colleagues took of Jane whist in Mauritius. Everything went well and Prakash did a great job of getting us to your clinic and back over the 6 dialysis days. We had a wonderful holiday and our children and grandchildren plus the other family all enjoyed it enormously. Best wishes to you all

Andrew and Jane Stewart