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World Health Day with Apollo Bramwell Hospital

On the occasion of  World Health Day, Apollo Bramwell Hospital organised a health event at London Way, Tamarin on the 4th April to showcase the repertoire of services available (such as Cardiac, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Urology & many more ) at both  the main hospital and our district clinic located in Tamarin.

During the event free health screening was offered to the residents of Tamarin and surrounding area. The free screening offered comprised of diabetes test, blood test and BMI (body mass index) check. On top of the tests offered, free couselling and advice was given by our cardiac medical experts regarding heart conditions, diet and ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The team welcomed more than 120 people who visited the ABH tent, interacted with our staff and took the opportunity to go for the free screening. Overall, it was a successful event that allowed us to get closer to the inhabitants in that area and show our renewed care and support in healthcare.

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Juste quelque mots pour vous remercie de votre acceuille chaleureuse, toujours competent avec les patients, surtout les infirmieres pediatriques, pour Sooreeta, Dr Kevin Teerovengadum, Dr Joomye, Mr Joe, Infirmiere Dorothe, ange gardienne Reshma et la chirurgienne Dr Reshma. Moi je suis fidele a l'hopital Apollo depuis 2009 par l'acceuil et leur sympathie. Je remercie tous les services. Meme ma fille, T., la patiente, elle veut pas quitte l'hopital.

M.S Abdallah