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Apollo Bramwell acquires high precision bone imaging tool

(Moka, Mauritius) – Apollo Bramwell Hospital has acquired a high precision imaging tool that allows the early detection of osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak to the point of breaking.

The new tool – the  Lunar Prodigy Advance bone densitometer – is used for tests to measure the strength of a patient’s bones, but can also accurately measure a patient’s fat build up and muscle mass.

 “Osteoporosis is often referred to as the ‘silent disease’ because most people do not realise they have it until they suffer from a painful bone fracture. This new tool is therefore a safe and easy way of identifying and assessing your risk of osteoporosis early on so your doctor can recommend the appropriate course of action. A bone densitometry test carried out with this machine can even allow your doctor to estimate what your risk of a hip fracture or other osteoporosis-related fracture will be in the next 10 years,” explained Dr Miodrag Todorovic, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Quality at Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

This test is also used to monitor the effects of therapy such as with bisphosphonates and hormone replacement in selected group of patients.

The Lunar bone densitometer, which uses x-rays to provide high resolution images, can perform body composition tests. These tests define the percentage of lean and fat tissue mass of the body.

“Monitoring a person’s weight alone is helpful, but it does not provide a complete assessment of their health. A body composition test can help determine a person’s body fat percentage or their lean tissue mass in various parts of the body such as the arms, the legs, the trunk, or even the whole body. With these results, doctors can offer better support in terms of weight management, diet and other lifestyle changes,” he added.

Over time a patient’s results can be monitored to better understand how changes in lifestyle are influencing their body composition. The results can help the doctor and patient to establish goals for weight loss, exercise and diet regimes.

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Jane and I wanted to thank you so much for the care you and your colleagues took of Jane whist in Mauritius. Everything went well and Prakash did a great job of getting us to your clinic and back over the 6 dialysis days. We had a wonderful holiday and our children and grandchildren plus the other family all enjoyed it enormously. Best wishes to you all

Andrew and Jane Stewart