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Apollo Bramwell introduces new gynaecology treatment

Apollo Bramwell introduces new gynaecology treatment. Women who suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding, a condition called menhorrhagia, can now benefit from a new gynaecological treatment introduced at Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

The treatment, called GYNECARE THERMACHOICE Uterine Balloon Therapy System, is an alternative solution to excessive bleeding which targets premenopausal women. It involves a minimally invasive procedure and has had excellent success rates.

Menhorragia can be a very debilitating condition. In severe cases, heavy menstruation can interfere with sleep and daily activities. Blood loss from heavy periods can also lead to anaemia, causing symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath.

Many patients have had as only option with procedure Hysterectomy. But Thermachoice is an alternative treatment to the too often ablative treatment.

“This treatment is known as a global endometrial ablation procedure – a method that preserves the uterus, while decreasing menstrual bleeding and shortening patients’ recovery time. Studies done overseas showed that 4 out of 5 of women treated with GYNECARE THERMACHOICE returned to normal levels of menstrual bleeding while 9 out of 10 patients had a reduction of menstrual pain and cramping,” explained Dr. Farhad Aumeer ( FRCOG) , Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

While the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, no incision is required. The treatment lasts less than 15 minutes.

“However this treatment is intended for use only for women who do not wish to have any more children, as the chances of getting pregnant are highly reduced after ablation. In fact, pregnancies after an ablation can be dangerous for both mother and foetus,” pointed out Dr. Aumeer. However major uterine conditions have to be excluded before contemplating this procedure.

One of the first few patients who did this procedure last year, Mrs. H, aged 46 years had the following to say :

I have been sick for almost 4 years, my situation was bad. It was very uncomfortable having heavy flow for about 25 days in a month. At first I had my doubts about this new procedure as very few women are aware of it. But the treatment was extremely successful, and I went to work the next day I was discharged. As compared to the alternative treatment where women have to stay home for 6 weeks. I am very happy now, the treatment is successful.

Another patient to undergo the procedure at Apollo Bramwell Hospital, Mrs N. S . aged 51, explained that she experienced great discomfort because of her condition.

“I was suffering a lot from this condition, as it was very uncomfortable and a hindrance to my daily life. I already noted a marked improvement in the bleeding in the days following the treatment. I really appreciated the support I received in these difficult moments and the transparent manner in which every step was explained to me,” she said.



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