Joint Commission International
(JCI) Accredited Hospital

ABH to treat Kenyan patients with complex conditions

Apollo Bramwell Hospital has signed an agreement with AAR Insurance Kenya Limited, the largest medical insurance provider in East Africa, giving AAR clients easy access to affordable and quality healthcare.

AAR Insurance Kenya will refer its most complicated cases to Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

“Thanks to this agreement, cutting-edge medical care is now easily available to patients in Kenya. Our super specialty hospital has the means to treat a wide range of complex conditions in over thirty specialisations, giving us the opportunity to help save more lives. Also, Mauritius is an excellent alternative for patients who need to seek advanced health care outside their country,” explained Mr. David Gray, Deputy Chairman of Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

The hospital is the ideal partner for AAR because of the quality of its services, but also because of Mauritius is easily accessible to Kenyans, explained the AAR Group CEO, Mr. Jagi Gakunju.

“This partnership is a demonstration of our commitment to continue providing better access to high quality medical care closer to home. By reducing the distance our clients have to travel and with no visa requirement, Mauritius provides a better alternative to other overseas destinations,” said Mr. Gakunju.

The agreement comes shortly after the hospital obtained international accreditation from the Joint Commission International, the highest recognition of a healthcare provider’s quality.

“The new agreement shows that the hospital has built a strong reputation and has earned the trust of those in the regional healthcare sector. The number of foreign patients seeking health care at Apollo Bramwell Hospital has been rising steadily over the past three years and we have been building up our International Services. We can even provide Swahili interpreter services for our Kenyan patients,” added Mr. Gray.

Since its opening in 2009, Apollo Bramwell Hospital has been increasingly sought out by patients from neighbouring countries, such as Madagascar, the Comoros, the Seychelles, and Reunion Island, but also from South Africa and Europe. Over 6000 foreign patients visited the hospital during thisperiod and more than 10,000 complex surgeries were carried out.

Aside from providing medical insurance solutions, AAR Insurance Kenya Limited operates health centres in major towns in East Africa, providing affordable preventive and curative healthcare to clients. It also offers rescue and evacuation services to its members from anywhere in the world.



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Juste quelque mots pour vous remercie de votre acceuille chaleureuse, toujours competent avec les patients, surtout les infirmieres pediatriques, pour Sooreeta, Dr Kevin Teerovengadum, Dr Joomye, Mr Joe, Infirmiere Dorothe, ange gardienne Reshma et la chirurgienne Dr Reshma. Moi je suis fidele a l'hopital Apollo depuis 2009 par l'acceuil et leur sympathie. Je remercie tous les services. Meme ma fille, T., la patiente, elle veut pas quitte l'hopital.

M.S Abdallah