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ABH launches Cardio Diabetic package on the World Diabetes Day

"Diabetes and coronary artery disease represent two of the most common and costly conditions confronting the global population and they often occur in the same people,"

"In fact, decades of research show a predictive link between the two. Approximately one-third of patients who present with coronary artery disease also have diabetes, which creates myriad challenges that can adversely affect clinical outcomes."

Hypertension and obesity, which are risk factors in their own right for cardiovascular disease, occur more frequently in people with diabetes,” explains Dr. Suleiman Shimjee, Visiting Consultant in Diabetology and Endocrinology at Apollo Bramwell Hospital. He further added that “Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease by almost four times. It is therefore essential for diabetics to make sure that their disease is under control, through regular testing and follow ups with their doctor. Patients also need to work on reducing their other risk factors. Heart disease can be prevented with timely care,”

"Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death in diabetes, accounting for some 50 percent of all diabetes fatalities," said Dr Mahesh Krishnakumar. “Uncontrolled diabetes along with High blood pressure causes damage to the body’s blood vessels making them more prone to atherosclerosis (build up of fat and cholesterol on artery walls)” leading to complications like heart attack, stroke and blockages of blood vessels to the leg and hand.

To support patients suffering from diabetes, Apollo Bramwell Hospital has launched a special cardio-diabetic package that focuses on detection and prevention of diabetic related cardiovascular disease.

The new cardio-diabetic package at Apollo Bramwell Hospital will be available at Rs3500 until November 30 to mark World Diabetes Day. The package includes tests for Glycosylated hemoglobin, blood sugar levels, and the patient’s lipid profile, among a host of other blood tests plus an Electrocardiogram, a treadmill test or echocardiogram as well as review with a cardiologist.



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Jane and I wanted to thank you so much for the care you and your colleagues took of Jane whist in Mauritius. Everything went well and Prakash did a great job of getting us to your clinic and back over the 6 dialysis days. We had a wonderful holiday and our children and grandchildren plus the other family all enjoyed it enormously. Best wishes to you all

Andrew and Jane Stewart