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Successful brain surgery saves road accident victim

Mr. Body Fabien Antoine, a Malagasy national aged 22 and his fiancé, were among the survivors of a serious car accident in Madagascar recently. Mr. Antoine was seriously injured at the head during the impact and his condition was considered to extremely critical.

In spite of primary treatment in his country, he was urgently flown to Apollo Bramwell, accompanied by a doctor. Digital diagnosis revealed that the young man had complex craniofacial fractures (fractured bones in the skull and face).

“When Mr. Antoine was brought to us, he could neither speak nor move and was unable to open his right eye. Apart from craniofacial fractures, the patient was also suffering from bruised brain tissue, a displaced eyeball and had loose pieces of bone in the brain. Given the extent of his injuries, he ran the risk of losing his vision and the ability to talk and eat normally,” explained Dr. Satyendra Kumar, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

The particularly complex surgery was conducted by a multidisciplinary team, led by Dr Kumar. It involved the reconstruction and repair of his facial bones and the removal of bruised brain tissue and loose bone pieces.

The operation was successful. All potential damage to the brain was averted and Mr. Antoine was soon able to talk and walk normally and eat on his own.

Mr. Antoine’s parents and fiancé, who accompanied him to Mauritius, could not contain their relief after the success of the operation.

“We are extremely relieved that our son’s life has been saved and that he can lead a normal life. Our gratitude goes to the team at Apollo Bramwell Hospital, particularly Dr Kumar, who gave us so much support during this ordeal,” said his mother, Mrs. Nadia Aline Raharisoa in an interview.

Mr. Body Fabien Antoine was discharged from the hospital after three weeks and returned to his home country as a passenger on a normal flight.



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