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Aging Well with Apollo Bramwell!

Geriatrics is the subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with the health and well-being of older adults. There is no age cut-off, as ageing is not defined by a number, but by the medical conditions that accumulate with time.

Geriatricians diagnose, treat and manage diseases and conditions that require a special approach when dealing with older adults. They give attention to situations of special concern including

- Tendency to walk unsteadily and having falls (often causing fractures and disability)
- Loss of continence of urine and faeces (e.g. urinating in clothes on the way to the toilet, or in bed)
- Medication mis-use (using too many medications, or with mutual interactions and side-effects, or using medications at wrong doses for elderly patients),
- Pre-operative assessment and post-operative management
- Dementia and other causes of loss of memory, and subsequent change in mood, personality and behaviour (e.g. forgetting things, losing concentration, being repetitive in conversation, getting "angry" easily at others, agitation and poor sleep, hallucinations)
- Cerebrovascular disease
- Frailty (tendency for recurrent infections, pains and illnesses necessitating frequent presentations to hospitals, and prevention and treatment around this)
- The general medical care of the elderly, and supportive measures
- Sensory impairment and other cognitive and affective changes that occur with aging.

Whether you or a loved one is elderly and dealing with complex health care needs, dementia, frailty, or simply having trouble with a phase of transition in life, you can turn to our Geriatrics team to provide you with the help you need.

Our purpose is to help improve an elderly patient's ability to live with a degree of independence, well-being, comfort and quality of life.

In Geriatrics, we assist our patients with achieving their objectives as they age. If that's not possible, we can help patients and their families develop new goals that can be achieved in a dignified and respectful manner.

We admit patients under the care of our Geriatric Medicine specialist, or they can be seen as outpatients under our special Aging Well package. 

Apollo Bramwell is proud to launch the Geriatric or Aging Well Clinic.


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