Joint Commission International
(JCI) Accredited Hospital

Occupational Medicine

Apollo Bramwell Hospital being ahead in providing over 30 specialities at a time and being in partnership with Metropolis, can offer its services to the companies and assist you with the required Health Surveillance Program. This service is currently supported by the Occupational Health Doctor made available 3 days a week.

As per the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 (OSHA 2005), the Noise at Work Regulations and the Public Health Act, companies are required to carry out Medical Surveillance at least once a year for all employees handling and exposed to dangerous and hazardous products/ substances. Companies falling under the above Legislations may contact Apollo Bramwell Hospital where the required services can be provided with a specific time frame.            

Employees exposed to Noise at Work can have an Audiometric Test done followed up by the Occupational Health Doctor. In case of any Hearing problem, the employee can be seen by an ENT Surgeon for further support.

Corporate Service Facility:

  • Pre-employment Check
  • Health Surveillance as per OSHA 2005
  • Medical Board for Employees
  • Outpatient Support for Consultation
  • Blood Sample Collection at Corporates
  • Health Screening Camps at Corporates
  • Health Talks
  • Occupational Work/ Residence Permit
  • Vaccine
  • Replenishment of your Pharmacy/ First Aid box
  • Ambulance Stand-by service for events

For further assistance, please send your queries to


Dr. Ravinandan SIBARTIE

Part Time Consultant