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Osteoporosis - What to know

Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones making one very prone for fracture. This is more commonly seen in elderly age group, particularly in women after menopause. It is so common that every four out of five women develop osteoporosis after attaining menopause.

Implication of osteoporosis are so bad that patients develop fracture of spine, hip, wrist and other areas and would have to go through surgical treatment and suffer from pain, deformity and disability throughout life.

Osteoporosis, once it develops, is very difficult to treat. So it is very important to take steps to prevent development of osteoporosis. Unfortunately there need not be any symptom of progressing osteoporosis till a fracture happens with its subsequent ill-effects.

Even though there is a role of genes for one to develop osteoporosis, the factors like achieving peak mineral density of bones in young age during growth, maintaining the mineral density with good nutrition and exercise play a very big role to prevent osteoporosis. Other diseases like diabetes, chronic kidney and liver diseases, hypothyroidism, early menopause (natural or surgical), obesity, smoking alcoholism, chronic intake of some drugs and sedentary lifestyle increase the chance of osteoporosis.

Those who have post-menopausal osteoporosis will find a further worsening of the situation with age due to senile osteoporosis. Osteoporosis must be identified by Densitometry (DEXA) once in every 3 years after menopause. General health checkup would rule out secondary causes of osteoporosis.

Good dietary habits, weight reduction, weight bearing exercises like walking, strict control of other diseases are the most important steps in prevention of osteoporosis. Treatment consists of calcium, vitamin D supplementation, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Parathormone therapy, bisphosphonates, calcium, calcitonin -which should be by the prescription of doctors.



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