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Questions & Answers - Dengue

Q. What is dengue fever?

Dengue fever is a mosquito born viral infection that causes a severe flu like illness. There are four different viruses that can cause dengue fever. Dengue can vary from mild to severe, the most severe form include dengue shock syndrom and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Each year an estimated 100 million cases of dengue fever occurs worldwide, most of these are in tropical area of the world.

Q.What are the symptoms of dengue?

The principal symptoms of dengue are:

Watch for warning signs as temperature declines 3 to 7 days after symptoms begins like:

If any of these warning signs appears, need to go immediately to an emergency or the closest health care provider.

Q. What causes dengue?

Dengue fever is caused by any one of four dengue viruses spread by mosquito bites.when a mosquito bites a person infected with a dengue virus, the virus enter the mosquito, when the infected mosquito then bites another person, the virus enter that person bloodstream.

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